Good Friday Retreat

All children in Pre-k through 5th grade are welcome to join us for our Annual Holy Friday Retreat on May 3rd. We will begin after Royal Hours, at 11:00 AM and will end at 2:15 PM.  Please sign up if your child would like to participate.  All ages of volunteers are welcome!   Anyone in 6th through 12th grade are encouraged to sign up to help with flowers, candles, eggs, and more!  Any questions or if you need a note excusing you from school, please email Alexa at [email protected]

Sign up HERE!


9:00-10:30 AM             Royal Hours

11:00 AM                        Introduction, welcome

11:15 AM                        Session 1

11:45 AM                       Session 2

12:30 PM                        Lenten Lunch

1:00 PM                          Service Activity 1

1:30 PM Service Activity 2/Banner Craft

2:00 PM End Retreat with prayer

2:15 PM                           Parents pick-up