Members of the Church, Christ's body, are those who serve with various gifts and talents. Here are some ways you can get involved here at Holy Apostles.  Please click on the related EMAIL address for more information!


Altar Boys
Boys aged ten and up serve God while assisting the clergy as they tend to the liturgical needs of our Holy Apostles family. ([email protected])

Children in the Loft

Third through eighth grade students participate in the choir to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the tradition of Orthodox hymnology and gain greater understanding of the components that comprise our services.  ([email protected])

Assists the clergy by responding to prayers from the Holy Altar and leads the congregation in their prayers to enhance the spirituality of the Divine Liturgy and other services in the Orthodox Church. Open to all ages.  ([email protected])

Girls in high school assist in church worship by reading the appointed Epistle readings for the liturgical services and baking prosphora. ([email protected])

Bakes and prepares prosphora that will be offered at the Divine Liturgy. Open to all ages. ([email protected])

Psalms Reading Group
All ages are invited to read the entire Psalter during the Advent and Great Lenten periods. (

All ages can provide congregants order and direction during the divine services.  (

Adventure Theater
Produces a story conveying Orthodox Christian values in a radio or play format during the Paschal, Fall and Christmas seasons comprising of students in grade school, junior high and high school.
([email protected])

Utilize their athletic skills to grow closer to Christ and others while enjoying recreational fellowship and competition exemplifying Christian respect and dignity for all ages. ([email protected])

Christmas Pageant 
Children grades kindergarten through eighth perform and sing about the reenactment of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ([email protected])

Leads our high school aged children into a deeper personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and others through worship, fellowship, service and witness. ([email protected])



Lays the foundation of our Orthodox Christian faith for elementary school aged children that will guide and strengthen them throughout their lives. ([email protected])

Junior high aged children build relationships with the Lord and each other through fellowship, discussion, fun activities and outreach projects. ([email protected])

Myrrh Bearers
Girls in middle school serve during the beautiful Holy Week services by reading the psalms during the divine services and serving in the processions and preparing the church for Pascha. ([email protected])

Neolea Dance Troupe
Performs traditional Greek folk dances set to contemporary music and choreography for ages nine and up. ([email protected])

Teaches toddlers ages three through five basic elements of our Holy Orthodox Christian faith in a fun, interactive hands-on environment. ([email protected])

Evangelism, Stewardship and Outreach


Missions Ministry
Committed to inspiring and empowering the Holy Apostles Community toward an integrated Orthodox outreach and intercultural witness that serves the physical and spiritual needs of all. Open to all ages. ([email protected])

Encourages parishioners to be generous with their time, talent and treasures to support Holy Apostles ministries. Open to all ages. ([email protected])

Women of all ages promote charitable and philanthropic outreach by aiding the poor, hungry, sick, orphaned and victims of disasters. ([email protected])

Building and Grounds
Maintains and enhances the building and grounds of our Holy Apostles Church. Open to all ages.  ([email protected])

Caregiver Support Group
Provides a safe, confidential space for anyone to share stories, collaborate, discuss resources, pray and love those that are caring for others. ([email protected])

Lampros (College Group)
Serves as a bridge that continuously unites emerging college students ages eighteen through twenty-two at Holy Apostles by organizing engaging meetings and events. ([email protected])

All ages provide Holy Apostles stewards timely, accurate and open information that includes events, news, inspirational features and a monthly calendar. ([email protected])


Parish Council
Members aged twenty-one and older work with the priests to fulfill Holy Apostles’ mission and goals while assisting in the administration of the ministries. ([email protected])

St. Peter the Apostle Brotherhood Men’s Group
Engages the men of all ages of our church to build relationships, become servant leaders, overcome obstacles and become authentic Christian men pursuing God. (

Technology Ministry
Supports, advances and disseminates computer, wireless and internet applications for the operations and ministries of our church. Open to all ages. ([email protected])

Welcome Ministry
Creates and facilitates a warm, friendly, hospitable and connected environment for all the members of our Holy Apostles family. ([email protected])

YAL (Young Adults)
Integrates young adults ages eighteen through thirty-five into the life of the Church by ministering to and guiding one another toward an Orthodox Christian life. ([email protected])


Adult Bible Study
Hosted weekly with light refreshments followed by a Scripture study and discussion that focuses on the liturgical, ethical, patristic, historical and spiritual implications of the reading for adults aged eighteen and up. ([email protected])

Adult Religious Education
Offers adult religious education through a series titled “Discoveries in Orthodoxy”/”Communing with the Saints” that focuses on a particular element within our Orthodox Faith, Worship and Life for adults aged eighteen and up.  ([email protected])

Greek School
Committed to teaching the students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade the Greek language and promoting love for the Greek Orthodox Faith and Hellenic heritage. ([email protected])

HARC (Holy Apostles Resource Center)
Brings together a wide variety of books and resources for those seeking knowledge of Orthodox Christian history, theology, spirituality, hymnology, liturgics and daily Christian life for all ages. ([email protected])

Sunday School
Nurtures students in kindergarten through high school and provides a foundation to build their lives on faith in Christ and in personal communion with the Holy Trinity always bearing joyful witness to God’s loving and redeeming work in the world. ([email protected])