Missions Ministry


This is the the current Holy Apostles Missions Ministry group. 

Please pray for us to be an inspiration for our community.


Click here to see a summary of the 2018 activities.


The next Missions Ministry meeeting:

Wednesday, March 6th @ 7:15pm at Holy Apostles.


Hoppe Greeting


Gabriela Hoppe Teaches Sunday School

Nathan Hoppe educates teenagers about the image of God

Albanian families share an evening of relaxation and fellowship with the Hoppe missionaries

Hoppe OCMC Missionaries reach out to the Community of Bathore Albania

On Saturday January 26, 2019 the Hoppe OCMC missionaries attended Divine Liturgy in the neighborhood of Bathore. The Hoppes have reached out to this community. What followed is the cutting of the Vasilopita (St. Basil cake) and the water blessing of the worship space and homes.



Bathore comprises approximately 2 square miles in a location north of the capital Tirana and was originally a state-run farm.

Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church continues to send monetary support to the Hoppes. Please pray for the Hoppe Missionaries as they continue to bring Orthodox Christian witness in Albania.


January 24 BEDS cook team delivery


                            Delivery to the site

January 2019 Feed6 Event

On January 12th, over 400 volunteers from the Holy Apostles community came together to pack highly nutritious meals for the food insecure within the Chicagoland area. At the conclusion of the event, 111,888 meals had been packed. To date, this means that the church community has packaged over a quarter million meals for the needy (2017 = 68,000+ meals, 2018 = 101,000+ meals, 2019 = 111,000+ meals).

Dupage Pads Outreach Pictures from November

This is a photo of one of the Holy Apostles teams while preparing dinner for the guests. Overall, 19 families, consisting of 52 adults and children, came early in the morning, during the dinner hour, or overnight, to serve those that are in need at this time in their lives.


Pictures of the Holy Apostles Missionaries - Ted and Eleni Karamatskos's Work in Kenya

This is a photo of the baptismal font our fellow parishioner Ted Karamatsikos has constructed at the Orthodox mission in Kenya.

Kenya Baptismal Font


Video Messages from the Hoppe Missionary Family in Albania!

Here are some videos from the Hoppes', a missionary family in Albania, that Holy Apostles has been supporting for the past few years.


In this video, Gabriella Hoppe is taking youth on a pilgrimage to a cave. While at the cave, they turn out the lights and discuss how oftentimes life can feel dark. Then, they turn on a light and discuss how it cuts through the darkness and enables us to see. She makes the point that this is how the light of Christ can work in our lives.


Here Gabriella shows the children singing Christmas carols in a family ministry.


In this next video, Gabriella shows the work of a family ministry and how they are making crafts for Christmas. Additionally, each family receives a book explaining the mystery of Christmas and the meaning of the different ornaments on their trees.


Here Gabriella gives an update on a study group, centered around the Divine Liturgy, taking place at the Cathederal in Tirana, Albania.